Kitchen Table Conversations

What is a Kitchen Table Conversation?

Kitchen Table Conversations (KTCs) provide Voices of Kooyong with an avenue to listen to, understand and represent the key concerns and broader issues that local Kooyong voters deem most important.

Voices of Kooyong wants to hold KTCs with voters from all segments of the Kooyong community. The intention is to capture the concerns of a representative cross-section of the population with all opinions expressed being recorded in complete anonymity.

KTCs enable this to be achieved, through groups of 4-10 participants meeting and discussing their opinions on key topics, with a facilitator and a scribe to record the key elements. Each KTC normally lasts around 90 minutes.

Kooyong KTCs are not a forum for debate, but a process for listening to what the community values, their issues and concerns. The topics discussed may reach across all levels of government. KTC facilitators are not in a position to question or debate the issues raised by participants. 

The Outcome

The aim is to produce a report that will be publicly available by the end of 2021. All candidates standing for selection at the next Federal election will be asked for their feedback on the Voices of Kooyong 2021 report. Voices of Kooyong also plans to organise a community forum, inviting candidates and all those who participated in the KTCs to attend. The focus of the forum will be on if and how the candidates plan to represent the views expressed in the KTCs.

We welcome the participation of all voters living in Kooyong and respect the diversity of people and opinions in our community. If you are a voter in Kooyong, we hope that you will agree to take part in one of our Kitchen Table Conversations.

Get involved - The future belongs to those who turn up

Below are links to our kit on how to host your own Kitchen Table Conversation. No doubt all KTCs will continue in a virtual way until we are able to meet in person.

The downloadable components of the KTC kit are:

  1. Guidelines for a successful Kitchen Table Conversation
  2. Materials for the facilitator
  3. Materials for the participants

Graham Hubbard is our central point of contact for all support needs that you might have including a walk through of the KTC pack. Graham is contactable at [email protected] 

Inviting Participants

If you’re ready to host your own KTCs but not sure who to invite, or if you have some extra spots available, please contact Graham at [email protected]. It may be that there are others who don’t yet have the confidence to host a KTC but would like to join – and can join you! KTCs are a great way to draw out the views of as many people across the electorate as we can – no matter what their views are – and to find commonality between us. It is also a great way to meet and get to know other locals.

Virtual KTC

In the COVID environment, many of you may be very comfortable with organising virtual meetings via zoom, Google meets, Microsoft Teams, webex or similar. If not, or if you do not have access to this sort of technology, VOK is able to either:

  • Create a zoom link (via Voices of Kooyong) for you and your participants to use; or
  • Assist you with other virtual meeting technology.