Upcoming Events:

Our upcoming events will be listed here. In many cases, our events aren't public and are only available to those on our mail list. You can join our mailing list by clicking here. Some of our events are recorded and you can views these in the 'Past Events' section below.

Past Events:


Australia's Eroding Democracy

Renowned journalist Kerry O’Brien and fearless former independent MP Cathy McGowan joined Voices of Kooyong at the Kew Renaissance Theatre to discuss Australia's Eroding Democracy.

Click here to watch Australia's Eroding Democracy

Australia's Climate Shame: 

Cheryl Durrant, Simon Holmes à Court and Blair Palese spoke with Voices of Kooyong on the existential threats we face, the great opportunities we have, and understanding the extent of the greenwashing we can expect in the lead up to the next election.


Kitchen Table Conversation Training:

Kitchen Table Conversations are small, informal gatherings where participants are encouraged to talk about the issues that are important to them, to learn from others, discuss ideas, and to help deepen a sense of community. They can take many forms including meeting friends or neighbours for coffee, dinner, after yoga or sports training, in staff rooms, or in the pub. More recently, COVID-19 restrictions have encouraged a transition to online kitchen table conversations, ensuring communities can continue to engage in meaningful discussions and forge new connections.

In our training session we heard from the following guest speakers:

Denis Ginnivan, Director ‘Voices For’ Australia Project; founding Member and past President of V4I

Alana Johnson AM, Chair, Victoria Women’s Trust; founding Member and past President of V4I

Michael Stephens, Board member and coordinator of volunteers, Voices of Mornington Peninsula.


Voices of Kooyong in Conversation with Denis Ginnivan:

Voices of Kooyong's launch event on 30 June 2021 – an evening of conversation with Denis Ginnivan. Denis is a founding member and past president of the first ‘Voices of’ group, Voices for Indi, a federal electorate in northeast Victoria.