About Us

Kooyong is a federal electorate that includes the suburbs of Kew, Kew East, Hawthorn, Balwyn, Balwyn North, Deepdene, Canterbury, Camberwell, Surrey Hills, Mont Albert and Mont Albert North.  Named after an Aboriginal word for ‘resting place’, Kooyong encompasses the leafy suburbs of Melbourne’s inner east.

Kooyong has long been a Liberal seat and has a high-profile sitting member - as such, we feel our votes are often taken for granted. Many people in Kooyong are frustrated by the lack of integrity and accountability from our elected officials and their failure to act in areas such as climate change. 

We want a Member of Parliament who is actively engaged with the community and who represents the views and values of the people of Kooyong.  We want a Member of Parliament who is responsive and accountable to the people of Kooyong.  We want a Member of Parliament who puts the interests of the people of Kooyong above the interests of internal party politics, paid lobbyists, party donors and vested interests.

We are not a political party.  We are a non-partisan group that is seeking improved community engagement and representation for the people of Kooyong.  We want to engage the community to hear about the issues, concerns and ideas that matter most to us, and support our community to raise issues with our elected representative.


VOK is committed to:

  • Inclusiveness and diversity of voices
  • Being honest and respectful in our dealings
  • Acting always with decency and integrity
  • Advocating views that are evidenced-based and from reputable sources

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