Are you frustrated with your elected representatives?

Do you feel your voice is ignored?

Come join a community of like-minded people who want to do democracy differently.

We are a group of local citizens who want to give the people of Kooyong a greater voice in the political process.  We want to give voice to the things that matter most to the people of Kooyong and we want to ensure that our political leaders are responsive to our concerns and accountable for their actions.

Rather than shouting at the TV news or becoming cynical and disengaged, Voices of Kooyong aims to play a constructive and positive role in the political process. We want to strengthen democracy by creating opportunities for community members to express their interests and concerns. 

We believe that the two party system is not working for Kooyong.  We seek to promote a greater diversity of opinions and a true contest of ideas to shape the future  of our electorate and our country. We particularly want to encourage the young people of Kooyong to speak up about the decisions that shape their future.


Voices of Kooyong aims to:

  • Listen to the community to understand the core values and concerns of the people of Kooyong
  • Engage and empower people of all ages to express their views about what is really important to them
  • Identify candidates who are aligned with the values and issues of importance to the people of Kooyong 
  • Ensure the people of Kooyong are properly represented by our member of parliament
  • Make our voices heard


How You Can Participate:

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